Friday, 23 March 2007

one for the road!

We'll be off tomorrow! FINALLY! I can't believe I'm going to the U.S of A! I know it's going to feel so surreal when I get there ... I've still got loads of nitty gritties to attend to but I HAD to post something, had to satisfy my blogging addiction, even if it's only for just one more day ... ... ... so see you all back here around April 6th, keep well & adios!

Thursday, 22 March 2007


Name the Earrings Contest!

I held a "Name the Earrings" contest today ... and it was GREAT! I made this lovely pair of earrings, named them after the little one, i.e., Gabrielle, and posted it on forums. Etsyers were to guess it's name and the winner would win this gorgeous pair! IT WAS WILD! They thought of names I had never even heard of! There were the simple ones from Samantha to Clarissa and then there were the whaaaaaat??? ones like Taraveeeve and ChaCha (lol)! My sides are still hurting from all that laughting and my oh my, I've never seen a thread move through 39 pages in such little time! Amazing! And what fun we had too ... it was filled with lol's!!!!!!! So congratulations, theisland, these earrings are on their way to you! Enjoy them! And a big thank you to all who participated in that contest. You were all FAB! As a little added bonus, I'm offering a 15% storewide discount to all who participated from now till April 15th. Many thanks once again to the following cool etsyers:~

it's a great feeling ...

... when you've secured yourself a treasury on etsy. But it's even more wonderful knowing you could have ... just might have ... helped a friend with a sale! And of course, having such wonderful comments in your treasury sure does make your day! Congrats on another sale, Jennifer!

I just received a convo from RedOtter, she's also just sold the Robins's Journal which I featured in my treasury entitled "Base o' Brown" ... coolness personified! Congrats to you too, Jewels!

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

all packed ...

... well almost! I'm about 95% done, just the last few bits and bobs to throw in ... then just say the word baby, and I'm out the door! Yippppeeeeeeeee! 2 more days to go ... I can do this ... *breathe in, breathe out ... * I know I can make it through these next 2 days without fainting from any side effects of hyper-excitedness! =D

PS: In case you're wondering, "she's bringing a CHAIR-thingamajig????" Well, the answer is yes, we've decided to bring along the little one's child seat. I know, we're weird like that. =)

Tuesday, 20 March 2007


... last night!

... in the middle of March!

... awesome!

Monday, 19 March 2007

me no likee ...

... Murphy's Law!


"Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" ...

Kiddos are falling ill, slowly but surely. Oh man! Little one woke up with the flu today and big bro is sniffing away *sniff sniff* *clears throat* *yuck yuck*. And yes folks, we are going for our hols on Saturday. Somehow, something HAD to happen, didn't it?

But hey, I'm trying to stay positive here ... at least they're falling ill on Monday instead of say, Friday or something ... hopefully, this means they'll have enough time to recover. But of course, should Murphy plonk his "law" into my life again, you're probably seeing a going-to-be-sick-soon-mum, I reckon, probably on Thursday or Friday. *growl*

Anyway, there's something Mr Ol' Take-The-Fun-Away-From-All-The-Excitement-Because-I'm-Going-
Away-For-My-Hols-Murphy can't take away from me and that's the way the kids make me smile. The kiddos are poorly but they're still playing away and laughing with each other ... at least that's something, huh?

on a roll!

Woo-hoo! I managed to get a couple of stuff made this evening, (uh-hum ... I mean, early morning) ... I made that accidental bracelet for my store, a pair of teardrop shaped earrings using wire, foil lined seed beads, tibetan silver & daisy spacer beads AND a simple tiger ebony twist bead necklace. Oooh ... me likee! I tell you, the feeling is simply indescribable! I'm looking forward to wearing those earrings and necklace on my hols.

(psst! 5 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!) =D

G'nite everyone!

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Happy Momma's Day!

It's Mother's Day today in most parts of Europe ... in certain countries like Singapore, for instance, Mother's Day is celebrated on May 10th. In fact, in Thailand, Mother's Day is celebrated twice a year, it's main and more important one is held on Queen Sirikit's birthday i.e., on August 12th.

So to every mummy, irregardless of where you are now and no matter when you celebrate it ... I'd like to wish one and all a Happy Mother's Day! May your day be filled with love, laughter and happiness!!!

~*And who said we can't have a double celebration eh? ;-)*~

countdown ...

I needed to get this out of my system before I explode with sheer excitement and anticipation ...
6 more days till our hols in California!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, 17 March 2007

the accidental bracelet

Time check: 1.57am
Yes, I know ... I'm completely insane to be awake at this hour publishing a new post, but hey, indulge me ok?

You see, I had this "vision" of a really cool wooden bead/tibetan silver pair of earrings held together by sterling silver chains ... which DIDN'T, no - correction, COULDN'T see the light of day, simply because yours truly completely forgot that center drilled wooden beads (unlike top drilled ones) won't stay upright for long if held together by chains on either side. Instead they'll start to swivel ... and swivel they did.

SO! What's a gal to do with all that sterling chain which she refuses to cut to avoid wasting the links? She fashions it into a bracelet instead. And here it is ... I'm proud to display my simple yet stylish accidental bracelet:~

I finished this piece off with tibetan silver twist beads and man oh man, does it look pretty! I'm actually in love with it and will definitely be making another one for my store tomorrow.

Time check: 2.10am
This is where I draw the line everyone ... it's time to catch some zzzzzzz's! Good night and have a lovely weekend!


Friday, 16 March 2007

interesting words for the day ...

Well folks, I've introduced you to my little one's expanding range of vocubulary ... here's more (with a few actions thrown in)!

nose - noke
bear - baaaaaaaaaaaaaare
throw - doooooooooough
no - neeeeeeeeeeeeeeo
no no no - *moves index finger from side to side pretty violently*
okay? - kaaaaaaay?
book - book (yay!!!!!!!)
go - go (double yay!!!!!!)
mummy - maaaaaar-me!
daddy - dare (say this for as long as you can)-dee!
milk - mock
i want to go there - *giddyups in true cowgirl style!*(this only happens if you're carrying her)
hug - ugg
hot - ooooort
cold - go
no more - more more
where? - huh????

12.01am ...

... my eyes were going in opposite directions and my hands had a mind of their own. SO not good when you're trying to unlink and re-link teeny weeny links on a chain that measure about 2x4. That's millimetres, my friends, and very eye-unfriendly! So I decided to give it a rest and capture the moment with this pic. I did get the job done though (EVENTUALLY!) so all's well now ... I'm good for now ...

Thursday, 15 March 2007

These are her "bear-bit"s...

I'm having so much fun listening to the little one learning to speak ... most of her toys are "bear-bit"s to her, from her Strawberry Shortcake to bear to baby (notice the pattern?).
And this all started out with her favourite RABBIT! (Thanks Godma!) It's amazing watching them grow and learn ... grow and learn ... new and wonderful surprises await just round the corner everyday. I will miss this stage of innocence surely, so I'm

glad I've got it all blogged down for tearful and heartwarming reflections for later on in life! But till then ... welcome to a new day!!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

chillin' out ...

Originally uploaded by Slinky Mama.
A typical evening after school ... chillin' out with each other, a little bit of children's tv, then playtime and the occasional, "MUMMY! She's trying to RIP my BOOK!"

Intro ...

Hi one and all! I've decided to take the plunge and join everyone else in blogland. *applause*

Ever since etsy (thanks Les!), I've made so many new and wonderful friends and have been interested and impressed by the lives of other SuperMamas and SuperNonMamas. So I got to thinking that it'd be real cool if I could share my thoughts and feelings through blogging as well (I know, I know, I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind time! But better late than never as I always say...) about the happenings and non-happenings in my little home away from home.

So here I am folks! All locked and loaded, with barrels full of words, pics, ideas and what-nots ... in the meantime, join me for a cuppa, won't you? Here's a toast to my very first blog!